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Animaway Branding: A New Vision for Brands

is a deep dive into the world of brands. It brings light to the roots of business life.

This is not a brand-building book,

it’s a brand-awakening book!

What’s inside:


  • A systems view of brands

  • The systemic effects of branding

  • Changing the industrial era’s branding paradigm.

  • The role of brands in meeting the sustainable goals.

Animaway Branding Book
Suzana P. Nikiforova

It took me seven years to create this book. In the beginning, I thought its content would be my PhD dissertation. It turned out that a book was a more suitable format to present my novel ideas on the subject matter. Its preparation meant a deep immersion into scientific, business, and contemplative research. Writing it was a pure surrender to the creative flow. Its underlying intention is to help us create a sustainable future.


I’d like to describe this book as a vision for a deep transformational journey

from the old disconnected paradigm of silos to a new, meaningful living organisation.

In it, branding takes the role of the soul and awareness-gatekeeper of business.

Animaway Branding is a pearl that belongs with the Seventh Generation Stewardship books.

Thank you, Suzana, for following your soul’s calling and being such an inspiration:

a warrior of the heart, a lighthouse, and a bridge builder.

Koen Dumont, Systemic Coach, Antwerp, Belgium


If you are concerned about the direction the world is heading,

if you wonder about the complex ways that social messaging impacts our lives,

or if you wish to understand the role branding plays in shaping consciousness itself,

this compelling book is a must-read. 

Part mystic, part business woman, part wisdom seeker and scholar,

Ms. Nikiforova offers profound and brilliant insights

into the very nature of how business, marketing and branding intersect with

humanity, spirituality, science and nature itself and how a conscious, even sacred new business model

is crucial to our thriving as a global family both now and in the future.    


Anthony Smokovich, Transformational Counselor, New York, USA


A very insightful book that offers bold and provocative ideas about brands and branding.

It  challenges the dominant brand management paradigm which is based on an industrial growth-oriented mindset, provides a critical view on everything that is wrong with how we do business today,

and paints a vision for a better and more beautiful world in which brands are used as a force for good. 

Animaway Branding is a wake-up call for businesses to reinvent and transform themselves

into more conscious and sustainable organisations.

It’s also an invitation for the new generation of brand leaders to lead with purpose and mindfulness.


Kristijan Petkoski

Doctoral Researcher in Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden

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