In 2013 I was blessed to find my ikigai.

I've named it Animaway as it came like a call from my soul

to design a conscious & sustainable way of working with brands.

Although an experienced brand consultant, it took me 7 years of immersive scientific and creative work to respond to the inner calling and to pioneer a conscious paradigm shift in my branding profession.

Animaway Branding© and Brand Systems Leadership© are my business innovations designed to shape the future of branding with a new purpose, culture, and systemic organisation of the brand work.

I work at the roots of your brand system, 

as it is the health of your brand system that defines your business success.

Systems figure The power of brands
My story


Suzana P. Nikiforova

I was born in socialist Yugoslavia, a unique country whose leadership experimented with some pioneering forms of systems leadership and self-management. I was raised with the values of unity, brotherhood and solidarity, and my identity was shaped in a pioneering spirit. While experiencing collective human happiness and social well-being, I took as normal to respect human dignity and to care for nature.


After my country dismalted right in front my eyes, I have experienced life in four other social systems (post-socialist, post-communist, capitalist, and post-capitalist) where I have witnessed the radical life changes brought about by the turn of the systems.


Experiencing collective human trauma and social distress, as well as humiliation and lack of respect for human dignity and nature, made me question what is the source that makes us human and inspire us for goodness, beauty and truth. Animaway is my response to it."

On a mission
Suzana P. Nikiforova

By changing the way we do branding, we can create brands that will help us meet the UN's sustainable development goals. There is a scientific reasoning for this claim, as brands are not only business tools but also psychological and social tools. Brands not only influence but drive human behavior.

Animaway aims to inpire a design of self-actualized brand systems. It changes the purpose of branding and introduces a pillar of consciousness which changes the culture of branding. Brand Systems Leadership introduces a systems approach in brand management enabling sustainable organization of the brand systems.

Suzana P. Nikiforova


My first book

A book that changes the current branding paradigm.

Animaway Branding Book


"A must read for anyone committed to advancing a more conscious, collaborative, and sustainable world."

                                            Carlota Guedes, Spain


"A very profound book that reveals precious knowledge for the visionary leaders."

                                            Dora Rossetti, Italy

Brand Design Office

I consult, coach, and teach Brand System Leadership. This means, I help you map the system of your brand, so you can see it. Then, I design diagnostic journeys to evaluate the health of your brand system. Finally, I help you heal and balance the brand system so it can enable your business to grow sustainably. As a by-product, I help you build branding capabilities, and strategically advise you to design the branding processes. 

My work is an alchemy of systemic research, sensing journeys, design thinking workshops, purpose driven retreats, hosting meaningful conversations, holding space for collective presencing and deep listening, playing Serious Lego games, and improvising Social Presencing Theatres and business constellations.


When I speak on events or corporate trainings, I allow the words to flow in the animaway. I set the intention of what I want to deliver and I let myself voice the soul.

At the beginning, I was reluctant to surrender to the not knowing but with time I've learnt to trust that what comes out is for the greatest benefit of the audience.

The courage to be a change maker
TEDx talk, Sofia 2020

TED Talk Image Suzana P. Nikiforova

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