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Suzana P. Nikiforova Website


My Story Suzana P. Nikiforova

I grew up in a socialist Yugoslavia, where I’ve experienced human happiness at an individual and collective level. I was raised with the values of brotherhood, unity, and solidarity, and my identity was shaped in a pioneering spirit. After I lost my homeland, I passed through a tsunami-like change of systems and values. 


By witnessing the positive and negative effects of systemic change, particularly in the professional roles of an employee, manager, director, board member, business consultant, and transformational coach; I’ve learned to respect the power of systems, leadership, and values. 


Living through change and working with brands enabled me to see the invisible forces that drive the dynamics of change. Learning about system leadership helped me to understand the power of brands. Finding my mission empowered me to consciously design change in branding, so we can create a better world.

A Unique Gift

I believe that each and every one of us has a unique gift to create with and contribute to others. Usually this gift is hidden until we hear the inner calling which awakens us to use it.

My gift is the ability to see the invisible forces that leverage change. 


As a brand expert, I use my gift to see the invisible forces that shape the dynamics of business, and to help design brand systems that enable sustainable business development and social well-being.


Suzana P. Nikiforova Lego Serious Play Facilitator

Just like my life, my career has been a roller coaster of changes that has resulted in me gaining a rich and diverse variety of experiences. From sales and marketing, to procurement and supply chain management; from retail and customer service to leadership and business development; I’ve chosen to specialize in brand system leadership which integrates it all.


As a systemic brand consultant, I work at all levels of brand development. But as an awakened human being and a kundalini yogi, what gives me the greatest inspiration and deepest meaning is working at the highest - transformational - level of branding. Here we can create change and transformation aimed at qualitative growth and sustainable development. 


Suzana P. Nikiforova Website

Are you an awakened, open-minded, and courageous leader who cares for the consequences of your brand's impact on humanity and nature? 

If so, let's work together in transforming your brand into a lever for elevating your people, developing your business, and contributing to the well-being of humanity.

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