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Let's work together Suzana P. Nikiforova Animaway

Are you ready to live
your mission in life through your brand and business?

Let me help you achieve that

People on a mission are living up to their full potential.

They are constantly challenged by themselves and their mentors

to learn, practice, and grow until they glow.

Are you one of them?

I invite you on a journey of sharing energy, information, and knowledge,

consciously focused on your learning, empowerment, and growth. 


We'll shed light to the root causes of the challenges you face

 to illuminate blind spots, conditioned patterns, underlying structural problems,

as well as to discover hidden potentials and unforeseen opportunities.

I'll share with you new methods and tools for working with brands, people and systems,

that are suitable for the changing world. 

The journey may take the form of coaching, mediation, facilitation, consulting, or mentoring.

No matter its form, the goal is to elevate your perception, strengthen your brand and business,

empower your people and better organise your business system.

Services Suzana P. Nikiforova



The life of an entrepreneur is busy and overwhelming -- until you step up to your mission of life.


I can support you in becoming confident

to live your mission through your brand and business.


The responsibilities of an executive can be daunting, and it can be lonely at the top -- until you find a partner who can support you.


I can be your reflecting mirror, your sparring partner, and your advisor.

I can help you connect with your highest self, your vision and your people.


It’s so challenging to lead your people through the complexities of today’s business systems

-- until you learn to trust your inner guidance and facilitated co-creation.


I can support you and your team in connecting with your inner guides when navigating the brand and business systems. I can facilitate and advise you in exploring, innovating, and designing brand business solutions, strategies, products, and services.



Being a celebrity, an influencer, or a public figure is stressful and risky -- until you invite

your authentic self to guide the way.


I can help you transform your persona into your authentic self.

I call this transformation an animaway journey.

Entrust me to create your authentic personal brand that will reflect your inner radiance.


Working with brands in the changing world requires a different perspective, approach, methodology, and tools. It also requires deep inner work.


As your colleague, I can share with you new methods and tools

for conscious and systemic work with brands. 

As Animaway coach, I can support you in your self-transformational journey,

that will enable you to master the new branding game.

What my clients say about working with me:

Pavleta Kitner


What I really liked is that you dived so deep, gently guiding me straight to the essence of my being. You not only touched my soul, you took it by the  hand and showed it to me, saying this is who you really are. You brought me such clarity, helping me to see myself from the inside out. Suzy, you are a gift from the Universe. Channel is not enough. You are sent on this Earth to touch people and help them see their wholeness. I could have never imagined that I would go through such a personal journey as a part of a brand creation process. I now realize why you call it animaway!

Irena Strahilova

Psychologist & Entrepreneur


The mediation process that Suzana designed and facilitated for me and my business partners was a deep transformational experience. We were stuck in a very complex and challenging relational situation - past, present and future - and her sensible guidance helped me clarify my role in the partnership. She skilfully enabled all of us to see the situation from each other’s point of view as well as in relation to the whole. I came out of the process with clarity, energy and confidence for the next steps. I highly recommend Suzana’s coaching to anyone who needs  high-quality guidance towards a more conscious and meaningful life.

Tom Koninckx,
Business Consultant & Coach

I was lucky to be part of one of the first prototypes of Animaway Branding. I was a co-founder of a new business and Suzana was creating our brand. The journey lasted about three months. It was intense, but rewarding. Animaway is not only about branding, but also a journey of personal transformation. Suzana is gifted with the ability  to reveal the soul essence of your being and transform it into a brand by blending different approaches, methods, and tools. The unique profile she has allows the collective to get channeled during her work. She holds space for it to happen. Animaway was a beautiful journey and deep root work.

Rossen Zhivkov

Founder & CEO

Suzana is amazing. I got a completely new way of looking at my business after just one session. She combines coaching with consulting and experience and gives very useful insights right away. It was not like the traditional coaching that I have experienced before; it was way more effective!

Vihra Dincheva
Entrepreneur & Facilitator

Suzana facilitated a strategic session for a very important decision-making process that I went through with my two business partners. We had two hours for the workshop and Suzana managed to bring us into a deep sensing process and then very skillfully converged us towards decision making. It was exactly what I needed to have clarity and alignment with myself and my partners. Thanks to Suzana, we managed to make important decisions based on common understanding.

Nicole Vergos

Co-founder & Entrepreneur

For me, the work with Suzana was very valuable. It felt like I had a mirror being held in front of me, so I saw everything. I saw my own beliefs, patterns of behavior and the root causes behind them. I also saw the areas where I am strong that  I tend to push away. It brought some things to the surface that I was not aware of. It made me think and shift my perspective about where I am and what I want to achieve.

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